Essay about An Donation For An Organ Donation

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Katie was eight years old and she was hit by a car and unfortunately died. Her parents was trying to take it all in and someone told her katie should become a donor. At first her parents never really thought about it but they went through with the idea. Turns out because they went through with the idea, Katie was able to save two little boys and two grown men (Huston). Since her parents chose to donate Katie’s organs, they were able to save four people’s lives. This is inspiring because it demonstrates how a little action can impact the lives of many out there waiting for an organ donation. In order to receive an organ donation the person needing a donation is put on a waiting list. The waiting list is determined by how urgent they need the organ, their blood type, what the doctor says, and by several other things. (Gift of Life Donor Program). There is an option if the person wants to be a donor when they get their driver 's licence but, just because it is not written on their licence does not mean they are not a donor. There are three main points that are going to be discussed, the benefits, downfalls, and the way it impacts lives of those who receive an organ. Therefore, this first paragraph is going to talk about several benefits of donating an organ to save people’s lives. There are many benefits to organ donations. One benefit to organ donations is saving lives. “One organ donor can save up to eight lives” (Blue Fountain Media). From one person eight people will live…

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