An Dialogue Outline : Gendered Violence Essay

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Critical Dialogue Outline:
Gendered Violence

A. Introduction:
I am doing Gender Power and Violence, and chapter 12 mentions several subtopics related to gender violence, such as sexual harassment on campuses, rapes, and intimate partner violence. I am interested in the intimate partner violence because it elaborates on the violence that occurs in a romantic relationship. It mentioned that the centers for disease control (CDC)2011 report states that one in four US women has been violently attacked by husband or boyfriend, and one in seven men has been violently attacked by wives or girlfriends (Woods).

B. Thesis:
This means that most of the victims are females in relationship dispute because men are less likely to report it. We will investigate the difference between women and men in violence and the cycle of intimate partner violence.

C. Broader Issue:
Intimate partner violence committed by women, men, lesbians, straight and transgendered people. The violent rate is almost the same between both heterosexual and homosexuals. Women typically verbally abuse or push, slap, or shove partners and men often use their bodies, weapons, and even acid to commit acid (wood, 2015) Men try to underestimate the damage their violence does. Relational aggression is another type of aggression that women usually tend to more than men. Both gender between 18 and 25 years old tend to commit this type of aggression.
They cycle of intimate partner is a topic that happens in an abusive…

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