30 Shocking Domestic Violence Statistics That Remind Us Our Us It's An Epidemic?

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According to Vagianos article “30 Shocking Domestic Violence Statistics That Remind Us It 's An Epidemic” in The Huffington Post, domestic violence is the leading cause of injury in the world. In the U.S alone 1.3 million women, and 835,000 men are abused by their intimate partners. What do you think of whenever you consider domestic violence? Most would say a white female being beaten by a spouse. It is very well known and advertised that women of the Caucasian race are victims of domestic violence, but what about those less known victims? Domestic Violence pertains to not only white women, but also to men; As well as those of color and members of the LGBT community. Statistics show that there is even a higher chance of those least thought …show more content…
The physical being bodily harming, such as biting, scratching, punching, kicking, etc. The sexual being any sexual contact or behavior without the consent of the victim. The emotional being making the victim feel unworthy, for example criticizing. The economic abuse being keeping the victim through finances. Finally the physiological being keeping the victim in through fear and threats whether it be towards the victim or threats to harm oneself. These numerous types of violence are all around us, and occurring on an everyday basis. They occur more often than not, and are a very huge problem in many relationships. As stated by Vagianos, “ domestic violence occurs every 9 seconds in the United States”. The worst thing being the reality that they occur in relationships with those who victims are likely to trust the most. Domestic violence is a very huge problem that has occurred for many years, and has luckily created laws to prevent it along the

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