An Avid Shopper Since The Age Of Twelve Essay examples

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I have been an avid shopper since the age of twelve. I got my first debit card at the age of thirteen, and this is also the age when I first experienced online shopping. After my first online purchase my view of shopping changed forever. I discovered an amazing activity that drained all the money from my pockets and gave me many life lessons. In my 8 years of online shopping experience, I have encountered many pleasant and unpleasant transactions. These online transactions have made items that are out of my reach, reachable. I can now shop from places all around the world. Online shopping can be reliable and safe, or it can be a nightmare, and I have experienced both. One great online shopping experience that I encountered was with I wanted to buy a flat iron for myself, so I typed in the key features I wanted in the Amazon search box and the flat iron I wanted was within the top ten item search results. Amazon displays their reviews in the star format, so when I saw that my flat iron had a five star rating, I clicked on the link. Next, I reviewed the price, features, and also took a look at the reviews for the seller of the product. I appreciate Amazon for making the seller reviews available, it can make the online customer less worried, and it makes the seller more trustworthy. After reading the sellers reviews, I had seen that customers enjoyed their transactions and they raved about how great the customer service was. At this point of the transaction, I…

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