An Aviation Crash : Seattle Grace Mercy West Essay

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Approximately a year ago, six surgeons had experienced an aviation crash. Their Hospital, previously known as Seattle Grace Mercy West, had received a request to assist with a conjoined twin surgery from Boise hospital, since they had just successfully completed one a month earlier. In response, Mercy West sent six of their surgeons from different specialties onto a plane that afternoon. The plane never arrived. In fact, it was not until three days later that a rescue helicopter spotted the surgeons in the middle of the woods. By the time the helicopter had arrived, two of the surgeons had died, and one had endured a serious injury to her right femur.
The surgeon who suffered from the fractured femur as a result of the aviation crash name is Arizona Robbins. Arizona, a graduate of John Hopkins School of Medicine had recently replaced Dr. Kenley as head of pediatric surgery at Seattle Grace Mercy West shortly before the crash. Once the helicopter picked them up, Arizona and the other surgeons were taken to Boise to get checked out. At Boise, the head of orthopedic surgery suggested to Arizona that amputation was the best option for her chance at survival, due to the possibility of infection she was exposed to from laying in the woods with an open wound. She rejected this option, and asked to get her wife’s opinion. Her wife at the time was Callie Torres, who is the head of orthopedic at Seattle Grace. Torres, had promised Arizona that she would be able to fix her injury…

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