An Article On Syrian Human Rights Violations Essay

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Indisputably, Syria currently maintains one of the worst human rights records in the present day. However, this article seeks to explore other areas with violations of human rights. Please refer to our previous article Understanding Syria, to explore Syrian human rights violations.
Republic of El Salvador

Having one of the highest rates of teenage pregnancies, El Salvador accounts for more than a third of all pregnancies, in the Central American nation, with girls aged 10 to 19. Explaining this problem in an interview, Deputy Health Minister Eduardo Espinoza stated that there is always a component of violence in young pregnancies, either through incest, violence or domestic violence.

Risks become more substantial with mothers younger than 16, maternal deaths can be four times higher than a woman in her early 20s. Struggling with the spread of the Zika virus, El Salvador could be introducing a new bill for the termination of a pregnancy if a foetus is infected. This could eliminate the side effects of children born with birth defects and improve the rights of women. .

Abortion Rights
Having a complex relationship with issues surrounding pregnancy, El Salvador is known to illegally fire pregnant workers and requires some female job applicants to present pregnancy test results. Conflictingly, despite anti-pregnancy policies, the country imposes a total ban on abortion and prevents education on sexual health. El Salvador has no formal curriculum on sex education, and…

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