Essay about An Argumentative Analysis Of Walt Disney

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Argumentative Analysis Introduction Over the years, it has become normal to hear about various celebrities and their many scandals. It is no surprise to hear about the latest star getting involved with drugs or becoming alcohol dependent. This type of reckless behavior has become increasingly prevalent in child celebrities such as those featured on Disney Channel. This behavior, although not completely the fault of Walt Disney Studios, can be widely attributed to the loss of childhood and innocence of these young actors and actresses. At young ages, around 12 and sometimes younger, young actors and actresses are recruited by Walt Disney Studios to take on the task of becoming the newest Disney icon. They will become the faces of Disney Channel for the next 5 or so years. Naturally, Disney wants to ensure that these children are the perfect examples of an “all American sweetheart”. The fabrication of these images includes the use of heavy makeup, coaching, and high body image expectations. This type of regulated childhood can damage the stars, as they are given adult responsibility at such a young age, it often hinders their emotional state.
After being kept under a close eye their whole lives, it’s only natural for these actors to feel the need to overcompensate for their wholesome image by acting out in order to feel better about themselves. This behavior is often seen in teenagers who aren’t celebrities and is usually not made out to be that big of a…

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