An Argument For A Child Essay

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As a child, I generally had very few worries. My family moved around a bit when I was younger, but other than that, I led a relatively carefree life. I remember mostly, throughout elementary and middle school, playing out in the snow in the cold Minnesota winters or biking to Dairy Queen in the humid summers. I would play with my friends in the woods outside my backyard or visit my great-grandparents in Utah in the summer. I was a cheery and energetic child, though I do remember from a very young age frustrating my parents with my talent for having an argument for everything they said. I was destined to be a lawyer, they said. I had an argument for that, too. It wasn’t until the end of my middle school years that things started to change. Rather than being able to run around all day with a seemingly endless supply of energy like I had as a child, I started to feel constantly tired and fatigued. Pain plagued me day and night and made it difficult to sleep and focus on studies as I went into high school. Most of my time during sophomore year, instead of doing debate, speech, band, and art like in years previous, was spent going from doctor’s appointment to doctor’s appointment. For a year, all of the appointments either resulted in no results or misdiagnoses. It wasn’t until the summer before my junior year, I was hospitalized twice. My first hospitalization ended up a surgery to have my gallbladder removed after a week of intravenous anti-inflammatory and anti-biotic…

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