An Analysis Of The Stock Market At Ralph Lauren Corporation

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Majid Din

The stock market is a the goods or merchandise kept on the premises of a business or warehouse and available for sale or distribution. It is an exchange where investors have the chance to invest their own money into businesses. If successful an individual can gain profit but only if the business doing well in its annual earnings. The stock market is a “high risk high gain” type of award. Stocks are calculated at the Dow Jones or other applications. It was created by the dutch and in 1602, the dutch East India company issued the first paper shares. This exchangeable medium allowed shareholders to conveniently buy, sell and trade their stock with other shareholders and investors. Eventually the Idea
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Its a global multi-billion-dollar enterprise founded by Ralph Lauren and its mostly a clothing company. Some examples of products are Mens Cologne, polo shoes and most importantly ralph lauren polos. The company got its main ideas from the team sport that involves horseback riding. Its main icon is a person top of a horse. Stocks have been pretty high for this company. Ralph Lauren is a great investment because the company is making money at a decent rate, no debt and still is growing. According to the Forbes list this company is ranked #768 in market value. As of May 2014 Ralph Lauren Corporation has a market cap of about 14.64 billion dollars. In 3 months shares per stock grew about 20 shares. Overall the investment i made was positive because of the increase in stock …show more content…
Visa, Inc. is a global payments technology company that connects consumers, businesses, banks, governments and territories to fast, secure and reliable electronic payments. It operates processing networks, VisaNet, which offers fraud protection for consumers and assured payment for merchants. This was my best investment and was able to generate a great profit. Dee Hock is the founder and former CEO of Visa. In 1968, Hock was an official of a local bank in Washington State that was franchised by the Bank of America to issue its credit card brand, BankAmericard. Visa is a credit card company and is an extremely high organization. Their main competitors are Mastercard and Discovery but their are no where near the level of Visa because their up by more than 200 shares. According to Forbes List Visa has a market value of #42 and has a market cap of about 135.97 Billion dollars which makes it an outstanding investment. The good news keeps coming because Visa grew 60 shares per stock in 3 months! Visa was a great investment and i gained a huge

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