An Analysis Of The Persian Carpet By Hanan Lack And The Lottery Tickets

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The short stories “The Persian Carpet” by Hanan Shaykh and “The Lottery Ticket” by Anton Chekhov both illustrate that people’s choices and actions are influenced by their selfish desires. “The Persian Carpet” exemplifies this through the narrator’s mother and her desires to leave her family leading to dishonest actions whereas in the short story “The Lottery Ticket” Ivan Dmitritch and his wife develop hatred feelings due to the selfish desires over the winning lottery ticket. The self-centered desires are illustrated in both stories through the character developments, plot structures and the narrative styles.
Through the use of characters development, the author uses the narrative to reveal how choices are impacted. In “The Persian Carpet”, the author uses a
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Shaykh uses first person narration in “The Persian Carpet” to place the reader in the story. This encourages the reader to see and feel how the narrator would, this automatically urges the reader to turn against the mother the mother was selfish and placed herself before her family. The reader is in the stream of consciousness, for example “...colours the Persian carpet were imprinted on my memory” (Shaykh 253) this allows the reader to sense and call back the memories of the narrator. In “The Lottery Ticket”, the author uses a third person narrative viewpoint to illustrate both sides of the argument unlike the previous story. This viewpoint allows for a story without judgement and the reader can choose how they feel about Ivan and Masha. Uniquely the inner thoughts of Ivan and Masha are both expressed, and the perspective switches at the end allowing the reader to see how the two characters both are willing to feel hatred for what they want, but not need. The narrative viewpoints of each story help the reader to experience or see how their ambitions influence their

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