Essay on An Analysis Of Susan Glaspell 's ' Trifles '

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In the play Trifles by Susan Glaspell, one would soon realize that this play is about trying to find a motive for the murder of John Wright. The men and women gather in the Wright’s house with the sole mission of trying to discover Mrs. Wright’s reason for killing her husband. Also in the beginning of the play, Mr. Hale says, “I guess you know about how much he talked himself, but I thought maybe if I went to the house and talked about it before his wife, though I said to Harry that I didn’t know as what his wife wanted made much difference to John” (Glaspell 634). This quote by Mr. Hale, regarding his encounter at the Wright household, gives the reader their first glimpse at the problems within the Wright home, as well as, the possible motive for John Wright’s murder.
Mrs. Glaspell first introduces the reader to the issues within the Wright household after questioning Mrs. Hale about her relationship with Mrs. Wright. After criticizing the mess among the kitchen, Mrs. Hale quickly comes to Mrs. Wright’s defense. Soon after, the county attorney suggests that because they were neighbors, they must have been friends as well. Mrs. Hale is quick to correct him, letting him know that she had not seen Mrs. Wright in some time. When the county attorney questions why she had not seen her in a while, Mrs. Hale informs him that she did, in fact, like Mrs. Wright, however, she describes the Wright home as, “It never seemed a cheerful place” (Glaspell 637). This informs the reader that…

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