Analysis Of The Song Society's Child

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In America, around the sixties many people were against segregation, and many people were with it. Occasionally people from the different skin color would often join forces with the opposing race. When they did, in fact, join another side it would seem very odd to society. For example, Janis Ian the singer of the song “Society’s Child” was a young girl when this historical event occurred. Ian was born in New York City but moved early in her life to New Jersey where she attended East Orange High School. Ian was one of the very few white people to be enrolled in East Orange High School and, in fact, lived in a mostly all black neighborhood. Through high school, she dated a colored boy, which brought lots of criticism and judgment to her life. Ian was judged by teachers, students, and even preachers of equality. The worse of it all, her mother would not accept the relationship she had with the colored boy. The song has a very strong meaning for the people of America in the sixties. Ian’s song, “Society’s Child,” shows how hard Ian wants to fight everyone’s opinion but society …show more content…
The beat can be found to be a disappointing, mellow, and a depressed tone. The instrumental honestly couldn’t have been a better beat to go with her let down lyrics. The sad beat goes along perfectly with the upset words that are being sung my Ian. The instrumental has the just right tone to get people to understand what she means, especially to the people who have gone through the same situation. It can relate to the people who have had an interracial relationship, they are the ones who have felt what it’s like to be judged by society and torn apart from the one you love. The instrumental signifies how Ian and many others suffered the pain of just being a person who has no power to change society so is forced to part of

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