An Analysis Of Ron Geraci's 'Which Stooge Are You?'

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Last night, my mind decided to wake up in the middle of the night for no apparent reason. I thought, “what would make her fall in love with me?” Nothing I could think of. A seemingly normal person would go back to sleep and avoid thinking about it, but that wasn 't the case for me. The only way I could take my mind off of her was to watch a comedy. The three stooges it was. One of the best classical comedies one would come across. An article that interprets the movie by the name of “Which Stooge Are You?” written by Ron Geraci, demonstrates which stooge a person is by the way they act and their personality traits. The article is good in many different ways since the author made sure he included some rhetorical appeals such as pathos, logos and even ethos.
The article compares the three stooges, Moe, Larry and curly. Ironically curly is the bald guy and larry is the guy that has einstein’s look (the curly long hair). “Moes are hot- tempered men who
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It focuses on hilariousness and that is what attracts the reader. In the beginning of the article, Geraci states that “men spend millions of dollars trying to figure out why they’re unhappy.”(1) It also describes why everything they are doing is not turning out to be the right decision. That is considered pathos because it grabs the reader 's’ attention and makes them want to keep on reading and be more interested and to some people, that is relatable. The author uses certain words such as “nose-gnsahsings”, “Belly bonks”, “hothead”..etc and such language attracts the reader more and gives them a chuckle or a giggle. Another pathos mentioned on the first page is the way Moe does his hair or the way his hair line is set up to be. It explains how the bowl haircut is what makes a man have attitude, makes them so domineering and assertive ”... in fairness to all men with bowl cuts and bad

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