Essay An Analysis Of Reginald Rose 's ' Twelve Angry Men '

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The Importance in the Unrecognized
The written word is a particularly powerful weapon against mankind 's baser impulses, being especially effective whenever translated into visual format. Playwrights, filmmakers, creators all have the ability to tap into the creative power that lets them hold in their hands the capability to begin wars, mold society and incite outcries for justice. Reginald Rose was a man who effectively approached social and economic issues using art and theater to enlighten and motivate the world. Having been recognized and commended for his many works, Reginald Rose is known supremely for the drama Twelve Angry Men. The work was turned into a film and a theatrical play as well as a Broadway musical. It is still endures as an example of how Hollywood courtroom drama should be filmed. The work’s storyline and conflict are entertaining and thought provoking, Rose suavely and deliberately chose the themes bolstering his tale. Anonymity in Reginald Rose’s Twelve Angry Men is a crucial motif and without it, the work would have fallen into insignificance.
The prevailing theme of anonymity subtly allows the readers to insert themselves into the action. Rose delicately showing the human nature being the jurors, “I don 't mind telling you this, mister. We don 't owe him a thing. He got a fair trial, didn 't he? You know what that trial cost? He 's lucky he got it”. It is easy for the readers to place themselves in a jurors place, faced with a challenging…

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