Essay on An Analysis Of Poetry Poems By A Haiku And Free Verse

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We sat around the cabin in as close to a circle as we could. It smelled musky with a hint of dust—Ancient and thoroughly cleaned. The room was freezing and I grasped my sweater closer to my body. I looked around, checking the scene. Around me were many pale faces with baggy eyes and droopy lids. Ruth Fordman and I were the only people of color in the room. “Oh lord, here we go” I thought to myself. I could feel the heavy weight of my heart beating faster against my chest as I was filled with the memories of my ancestors. Relax I whispered inside as if the mere volume of my voice might disturb the room making my deep seated anguish and hatred known. “Today, we are going to be writing two types of poetry, a haiku and free verse” Mrs. Fordman announced. Her swollen belly protruded out, round and smooth commanding the room. Inside her she held the mystery of life. I imagined what her child’s life would be like and I prayed silently for them. Her gown flowed effortlessly. So chic and colorful and her brown skin which resembled brown sugar had a radiant glow about it. “Does anyone know what a haiku is?” She asked. The room was silent. All you could hear was the low inhale and exhale of everyone in the room. Perhaps, we were all tired or maybe we just didn’t know exactly how to put it into words but we sat there frozen, deep in thought as we processed forming a possible explanation. For a brief moment we were all quiet and then a girl raised her hand nervously. “A…

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