An Analysis Of Peter West Carey 's ' The War Photo No One Would Publish ``

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The art of photographs has been progressing through decades. Photographers take pictures of anything that intrigues them, such as taking photos of nature, conflicts, violence, entertainment, or people. “Adding Emotion and Feeling to Photographs” by Peter West Carey introduces how photograph create emotions and how the photographers have to find the mood first before they take the photo. According to “The War Photo No One Would Publish” by Torie Rose DeGhett says, “The image and its anonymous subject might have come to symbolize the Gulf War” (DeGhett 74). A photographer, Kenneth Jarecke, took photos of a charred Iraqi, which show what the true reality of warfare. Photograph gives viewers that were not there during the event a taste of it. The Photo brings the reality to the viewer. Photographs create stories that people express from different emotion and how social media, photographer, media exposes the photographic stories.
To begin with, viewers connect with photos through emotion. When someone looks at photograph they need to able to feel something about it. According to “Adding Emotion and Feeling to Photographs”, “Emotion, or a feeling, is what can bring a snapshot out of obscurity and make it shine”(“Adding Emotion”). Having Emotion helps the photo able to be relatable to the viewer. Say there is a photo of a couple cuddling in the bed. When a viewer sees that photo, the person is going to feel a romantic mood and want to do with their soul mate. According to “War…

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