An Analysis Of Modern Poetry And The Importance Of It Essay

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The Importance of Change
(An analysis of modern poetry and the importance of it to today) Poetry is one of the things that has stayed constant in literature throughout the ages. There’s always been an up taking of new poetry and poets who have written pieces of what we now call history. Some of the earliest begin with the writers of the book of Psalms in the bible and the Epic poets such as Homer and the Odyssey. From there, poetry blossomed into the works of Shakespeare. Along with those poets came new styles and works of writing. Like Emerson said a scholar needed to do, every generation had their scholar and their poets who contributed to the now modern and almost poet less society. In today’s era, there are not many new poets or famous works of poetry considering not many people even read poetry outside of academic sources. For American Literature, some of the latest and most renowned poets came from the modern era of poetry which arose and reached its peak around the 1920’s, 1930’s, and even the 19’40’s. The concept those poets use is one that we still study and try to understand. However, modern poetry is slightly difficult to classify as so many poets and poems have written and used different parts of the modern concept to make one whole poem. Poetry of the modern era is important though because it introduces and bring us to the rapid evolution in the life of America. It brought forth the realization that change was coming rapidly and it would not stop or slow down…

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