Quintus Ennius

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Influential Classical Writers and Poets in World Literature There is tons of existing classical writers and Poets in World Literature. Many of these inspirational composers have continued to live in the modern society. Poetry has derived from many of these poets from the classical age, but is everlasting to our world. We have taken classical world literature’s contributions, studied the contributions, and excelled those contributions for use of the today’s literature.
Quintus Ennius was one of the most influential Latin poets. Quintus lived from 239 BCE until 169 BCE. He is known to be the founder of Roman Literature. The fact that has intrigued me the most about Quintus is that he knows three languages. Accordingly, he was born in Rudiae, in southern Italy, he was in the heart of the three languages he learned. He called it “three hearts”, because he was in the center or heart of the three languages he schooled in. He learned Latin while he served the army in the Second Punic War. Knowing those languages worked to his advantage tremendously. He was known for the exquisite tragedies, comedies, and satires that he has composed. One of the most dominant epic poems he created was Annales. The epic poem, Annales, contains 18 books about Aeneas’ flight from troy. He
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His first play was performed when he was 26 years old. 90 or less of his works are preserved today. Some of his works are Agamemnon, The Persians, and more. Agamemnon is one of the three tragedies that link together like a chain to form a trilogy. The Persians are the response to the new of the Persians military being defeated. According to Luke Mastin, the piece is ranked one of the oldest plays in the history. In a drama, he contributed an update to the second actor of the play. He added more emphasis to the second player, which caused less importance of the Chorus. His plays did not perform any gruesome scenes. His works had strong religious

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