Essay on An Analysis Of Margaret Edith 's ' The Road '

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In 1865 the road to Bobcaygeon was cut through the forest to open up the surrounding forests for lumbering and the feeding of the Boyd Mill. Likely, James saw the potential, along with many other local men to go to the village of about 120 settlers. He, with his family, stayed only a year at first before returning to Birdsdale near the old Harrison stomping grounds and then to Margaret 's birth area of the Elmhirst 's. The moves probably indicate difficulty obtaining satisfactory work. Back in Otonabee Twp. James became a servant to William Redpath, one of the better off farmers. On Lot 17 Con.4, nearby the small town of Villiers, Margaret was less than 4 km south of most of her Elmhirst relatives. While in Otonabee, James and Margaret had three girls: Christiania (b 1869), Margaret Edith (b 1870) and Marcy J. (b 1873). By 1874, however James and family proceeded to move once more, back to the Bobcaygeon area, on the east side of Pigeon Lake (Lot 3, Con. 16, Harvey Twp.). There they had one last child whom they named Ann Sophia (b December 16, 1874). Even here James was not satisfied with the availability of work and he took the family back to the Village of Bobcaygeon.
Bobcaygeon is where Philip James Harrison went to school with his sisters, as his dad found work as a labourer. He was lucky to be able to do so until after he was 14 years old. Next door was William Turton, an ex-tanner trying his hand as a school teacher. There were many different types of skills in Philip…

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