Essay on An Analysis Of Jonathan Lethem 's ' The Great Journey '

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All around us, artwork may be seen in many forms. From the content of books to the songs on the radio, art serves to provide a reflection of the world. As we all know, art imitates life, and life imitates art. Behind every design, there are great chains connecting the art to the artist to the artist 's inspirations and so on as far as the eye can see. "My search had led me from a movie, to a book, to a play, to a website, and back to a book." (Lethem 212). Here, Jonathan Lethem describes the great journey he took as he attempted to track down the origin of a famous quote, but even this impressive path is nothing compared to all the influences that were combined in such a small piece of art. Every single artist that had touched the quote drew inspiration not only from each other, but from their combined worldly experiences. The concept of such immeasurably complex situations affecting our actions is one that Gladwell touches upon in his article. He outlines how even day to day choices are products of the environment, and that all situations lose meaning without context. Both of these lines of thinking overlap in one key area, art cannot exist separate from the world. In Gladwell 's paper, he also discusses how the practices of the law can be changed to better suit an interconnected world. "Bratton turned the transit police into an organization focused on the smallest infractions, on the details of life underground." (Gladwell 154). Here, Gladwell writes about how a police…

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