Essay An Analysis Of James Agee 's ' A Death Of The Family '

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In life, struggles are meant to happen in order to grow as a person. Whether it is in families, school, or even something as little as not figuring something out, struggles do occur. Depending on how the person takes the situation, struggles can make a person come out stronger than ever, or it can consume the person in the worst way. Some people turn to religion to help get through a struggle, it can be a source of comfort or to find answers. A Death in the Family shows the different ways that the character’s struggle through their sorrows and how they incorporate religion in order to get through their struggles. James Agee writes a tale that is sure to break hearts while incorporating a heartland area of Appalachia.
A Death in the Family by James Agee is an autobiographical tale about a boy named Rufus losing his father, Jay, at a young age and going through struggles in life. Taking place in the heartlands of Appalachia, the center location of the story is in Knoxville, Tennessee. Rufus and Jay were bonding by watching a movie when a call came from Jay’s brother telling them that their father was having a heart attack. Jay’s brother is an alcoholic and he is not sure whether to believe him, but he drives anyways to see their father. As expected, Jay’s brother was exaggerating about the condition of their father and Jay is upset that he made a long trip due to a lie. Back at home, Jay’s wife, Mary, gets a call saying Jay has been in a car accident and later finds that he…

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