An Analysis Of Hansberry 's ' A Raisin Of The Sun ' Essay

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Lorraine Hansberry’s play, “A Raisin in the Sun”, is about an African American family, the Youngers, who are surrounded by poverty, racism, and family conflict. The Youngers aspire to give themselves a better life to ultimately pass that down to future generations. Their conflict comes into play when the family receives an insurance check for $10,000 and has split decisions on what to do with it. Hansberry’s play suggests that poverty is a symptom of racism by using characters that seem to be of the typical racial stereotypes, and a setting surrounded by racial concepts. This play uses the racial stereotypes of a mammy, jezebel, profligate as well as the racial concepts of institutionalized racism, internalized racism, intraracial racism, and double consciousness. It also uses dramatic elements such as characterization, dialogue/monologue, staging, and dramatic irony. Hansberry’s play used the dramatic element of characterization by applying the quality of ambition to deconstruct each character along with their racial stereotypes. Each character seems to suggest some part of a racial stereotype, but then has a quality that makes them not this stereotype. For example, main character Walter Lee Younger is a limo driver whose main goals in life are to impress his son Travis, own a liquor store, have a happy relationship with his wife Ruth, and to live like the white man. Walter is a dreamer who doesn’t take his poverty seriously. He is bitter about his money situation and…

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