An Analysis Of Guy De Maupassant 's The Jewels And The Necklace

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Appearing better than you are is something that is expected in a day and age of social media. Every teen wants to have designer clothes, the best car, or the most followers on Instagram, which can be damaging to teens. Teens aren’t the only ones impacted by fake appearance; adults also will try and appear better than they are to give off a certain Image. This trend didn’t dawn during the past ten years, appearance versus reality has been around as long as humanity. Guy De Maupassant pushes the image of a false reality in both of his short stories, The Jewels and The Necklace. Bling is used as a route to talk about two couples whose appearance hurt their reality.

Jewelry is a long standing sign of wealth and prosperity, but in both of these stories, it is a symbol of pain. Guy De Maupassant appears to have a deep hatred for jewelry and anything that shines. In The Necklace, Mathilde has yearned for a rich lifestyle away from her middle-class world. She loves anything that is expensive, presumed classy, and everything her husband isn’t. Madame Forrester is a rich friend who Mathilde is envious of, before the great ball she decides to go ask to borrow jewelry from her friend. Her envy and greed blind her into needing something that is expensive for the ball. While looking through the necklaces she is being offered she finally chooses the one that screams expensive to her. She wants to look marvelous at the ball for all the wrong reasons; it wasn’t for her husband or to fit…

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