An Analysis Of Eliot 's ' Morning At The Window ' Essay

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Furthermore, Eliot further expresses his dissatisfaction with contemporary life emphasising the hopeless toxicity of industrialisation and materialistic tendencies evident within society. Eliot’s concepts on the bleak essence of the industrial world are present throughout Prufrock and other observations. In ‘Morning at the window’, Eliot describes “brown waves of fog” consuming the decrepit, machinated street. It seems that the narrator is in fact ‘mourning’ at the window, portraying the ruination of a country he once adored in the rise of materialism. Eliot presents a similar image of modern civilisation in ‘Preludes’, where he portrays the squalor of the industrialised city. Yet, Eliot is not alone. Once again, all three writers seem to analyse the idea of materialism. Fitzgerald presents the destructive nature of materialism and industrialisation, in part, through symbolism. The rift between classes is clear; the rich live extravagantly while the poor toil in the “Valley of Ashes”. Fitzgerald describes the eyes of ‘Dr T.J Eckleburg’ staring unsympathetically onto the ash heaps and those unfortunate enough to have been trampled under the feet of American ideology and industry. Fitzgerald presents the allure of materialism, through the symbol of Dan Cody’s yacht. Nick recalls that this boat represented, for Gatsby, “all the beauty and glamour in the world”. Fitzgerald juxtaposes the image of romantic dreams with the miserable materialism of Dan Cody’s past as a “pioneer…

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