An Analysis Of Cynthia Cooper 's ' The Great Gatsby ' Essay

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Cynthia Cooper had always been a strong southern woman. She had a good work ethic from waitressing to internal auditing for large companies. Whatever she did she wanted to do her best. Cynthia 's upbringing had a great deal to do with how she handled the situation. Although religion isn’t the only reason to have morals it came hand in hand in Cynthia’s upbringing. As a Christian Cynthia knew right from wrong and always tried to adhere to that. One day Cynthia came across something that was too big to look over. Extraordinary Circumstances tells the unexpected life altering experience Cynthia encountered when she became a whistleblower. We would all like to think we would be capable of making ethical decisions, especially if the unethical consequence could mean jail time. However, it is not always black and white, sometimes you don’t realize you are acting unethically until you feel the need to cover up your decisions. Sometimes it would seem easier to just listen to what your superiors tell you and go with the flow. Work Ethic is something that is very important to me. Cynthia was grateful for her education and she took it very seriously. I was taught to do every task to the best of my ability and I believe once I get into the work force I will carry over this habit. Like Cynthia I would not have been able to look over the unsupported leger entries. I would have found it suspicious if my superiors and fellow co-workers were withholding documents or trying to get…

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