An Analysis of Charlotte Gilman's The Yellow Wallpaper

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What if something as simple as a pattern could cause someone so much grief, attention and unwanted thoughts that it could eventually causes them to slowly go insane? In Charlotte Gilman's short story, "The Yellow Wallpaper" she uses the techniques of foreshadowing, personification, simile, and symbolism, in order to acknowledge how easily humans are convinced and influenced in their daily lives. One's own perspective on themselves can quickly be changed as they are exposed to different thoughts from others and objects that are disturbing, unwanted, and forced. These influences can cause a person to rethink everything they believe and take something else into consideration. It can cause someone to feel completely suffocated to the point …show more content…
A person who is depressed, ill, and some could diagnose as insane, is in need of something to turn to in life that helps and allows them to escape from everything else they are facing and just relax and put their focus towards something else. This statement by Gilman is an example of personification in stating that a chair be a companion or friend to a person. The ill woman, trapped in a place that is causing her to slowly lose her mind, has found her place of calmness and comfort in a chair. A chair is in a sense a place that is relaxing because it is big and comfy and somewhere someone can just sit on and think or just simply take a load off their feet. To have something to take your mind off of things in your life is not only for someone who is sick or does not have the right state in mind, but everyone in life can use a friend to get away instead of having a feeling of being alone or trapped and unable to escape thoughts or feelings.

If something is disturbing someone so intensely that it causes him or her to not be able to stop thinking about it, this focus could be the best medicine or technique of getting their mind off of something else that could be even worse. This object that is causing so much thought is making someone focus and try to read behind the lines and figure it out as to what it is that is making them so intrigued. After long,

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