An Analysis Of Allan Johnson 's Article ' The Trouble We 're '

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In Allan Johnson’s article, “The Trouble We’re In,” he talked about privilege and oppression. Privilege is when one group of people has something of value and another group of people doesn’t have it, simply because it is denied to them. On the flip side, oppression is the social factors that are passed down to people and prevent them from having a good life. One of the social characteristics that I identify for myself is that I am a well-educated student. I have only ever attended private schools, from kindergarten until college. I am very privileged to experience a private education. My parents were always able to afford the steep prices of private schools that allowed me these privileges. One example of how this privilege helped me is because the relaxed cops around my high school never pulled any students over. One time, I was late for school and driving at least 15mph over the speed limit. I passed a cop coming in the other direction. I thought I was going to get pulled over, but the cop ended up being Heidi, who spent a lot of time monitoring the school grounds and knew me. So when Heidi saw me speeding passed her, she didn’t pull me over, she instead waved and smiled at me. Because I went to a private school in an upper-class neighborhood, the police are a lot more relaxed than they would be if I weren’t privileged and had to go to my local public school. The second social characteristic I identify myself as is that I am physically able. I have never been sick…

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