An Alternative Energy Source Of Energy Essay

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With the world needing an alternative energy source that doesn’t involve coal or oil, there have been many different forms of alternative energy created. They all have their pros and cons, from environmental impacts to the amount of energy produced. Nuclear power has just as many questions swirling around it as the others. With advances in technology, now and into the future, could this become the world’s main source of energy? Energy is generated from nuclear power plants from a process called fission. (Nuclear Energy) Fission happens when uranium atoms are showered with neutrons and split releasing energy that is used to make steam. The steam that is produced turns the blades of a turbine to generate electricity. (Palliser, 2012, p.14) Fission takes place in the plants nuclear reactor. (Nuclear Energy) As fission happens, a chain reaction takes place causing neutrons to collide with other uranium atoms, which then will release more heat. (Palliser, 2012, p.14) In order to use uranium in the nuclear reactor it first must be converted to solid ceramic fuel pellets from its original ore state. This is done through a four step process, mining and milling, conversion, enrichment, and fuel fabrication. (Palliser, 2012, p.15) Traditional mining techniques and chemical leaching can be used to extract uranium from the ground. (Nuclear Energy) Though the process of mining uranium, converting and enriching it, and waste after the reaction generates radioactive materials.…

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