Essay An Age Of Humanity : Television Shows And Radio Shows

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People all around us constantly tell us to do the right thing almost everyday. Novels, comics, television shows, and radio shows always provide us with model characters who fight for justice and equality, and assume the role of the “hero.” Religion specifies rules for us to follow, and has us worship divine figures who are portrayed as kind to everybody and everything. Nevertheless, we should be asking ourselves what the definition of righteousness really is. First of all, when our species first appeared on Earth, we were completely animal-like, killing anyone and anything that came our way. We additionally indulged in taboos such as bestiality, pedophilia, and incest very frequently, and with no compunction whatsoever. We were the greatest threat to all species, including ourselves, during this time period, until evolution took place and we began to become more organized, establishing villages, creating social hierarchies, and developing tools, which subsequently led into the “Stone Age”, an age of humanity where morals began to be conceived, and the line that defined what was “good” and what was “evil” became clear to us. Or so it seemed. Morality is a subjective concept. We have been told to never lie, never cheat, never indulge in incest or bestiality, never become prejudiced, never wish pain and suffering on others, never desire revenge, never swear, never insult anyone, always respect everyone, especially your family, attend church every Sunday, say grace at the…

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