An Adequate Hypothesis Of Provide Testable Explanations Through Backwards Reasoning And Imagination

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Introduction The world is full of known facts that lack proper explanations for why they are true. Facts that lack explanations require the development of hypotheses that seek to provide testable explanations through backwards reasoning and imagination. Phenomenon that are experienced everyday are often inadequately understood because current hypotheses can’t adequately explain why they occur for certain, but various frequent events can be explained by following the criteria of an adequate hypothesis. An adequate hypothesis must be consistent with accepted hypotheses, must be plausible, be comprehensive without being overly complicated, and be able to predict events following the assumption. The criteria for an adequate hypothesis allows otherwise complicated or mysterious situations to be explained with a higher chance of being correct.
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1. The streets of the town are deserted and the stores are closed. The impending storm headed to the coastal town has caused the town to evacuate their town and flee to the safety of another area. Hurricanes are disastrous storms that can easily destroy homes and endanger the lives of their occupants. History has shown the destructive force of these storms is not something to gamble with therefore the inhabitants of the town opt to leave instead of weathering out the storm. Hurricanes originate in the warmer temperatures of the Atlantic Ocean and move north until they make landfall or get to cooler water without…

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