Amygdala's Emotional Study

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It is an important and interesting question on how feelings and emotions emerge inside our human bodies. It is a known and general fact that emotions come from the brain, yet it is also evident that specific areas of brain are responsible for productions of feelings. In order to better understand the production mechanism, it is vital to get deeper into the brain’s emotional map and examine particular areas. One of these specialized areas of central interest is the amygdala that is responsible for producing special emotions. By studying the neurobiological nature of the amygdale, it is possible to argue that this brain part has a critically substantial function of responding to emotional external stimuli that provoke feelings of anger, fear …show more content…
The central functions of the amygdala are to secure a host with defensive patterns of behavior; organize autonomic, motoric and emotion reactions; and provide a motivation for the work of conditioning (Aggleton, 2000). The electrical activity of the amygdala is characterized by parameters of different amplitudes and frequencies. Their “sleep” mode of working may correlate with the rhythm of breath, pulse rate, etc. Nevertheless, the amygdales are on when people actually see food, sexual partners, opponents, crying babies and many other external stimuli. This is happen because the amygdala reacts to visual, auditory, interoceptive, olfactory and skin stimuli (Whalen & Phels, 2009). Notably, various nucleuses may react within the amygdale, which means that the amygdale is polysensoric by …show more content…
Formally, the amygdala secures autonomous motivation for people, i.e. encourages them to act and respond to external stimuli in a respective manner. Thanks to the amygdala, a human individual is capable to quickly react and remember emotions of different nature in association with specific life events and experiences (Feinstein et al., 2011). In this sense, the amygdala’s injury leads to various negative effects in human physiology, as the adequate response through behavioral patterns is reduced. It is also assumed by academic studies that most psychological conditions as anxiety, autism, depression and post-traumatic stress disorder are stipulated by the amygdala’s dysfunction (Aggleton,

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