Essay about Amy Tan 's Two Kinds

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Amy Tan 's story “Two Kinds” is about a mother who brings her child to America to offer her a better life. The goal of the mother bringing her child to America is to allow her daughter the chance to be destined for greatness, even if it means having her daughter try out every opportunity to find out where her greatness might be hiding. “Two Kinds” written by Amy Tan, shows that mothers always know what is best for their children even if it means giving up their life in another country to come to a new one. Also, allowing children many opportunities to find something that interests them and not allowing their children to give up a task just because they have not succeeded at it yet. Finally, always loving a child even when a conflict causes many years of not speaking about an incident. In sum, the overall reasons for this being that mothers do the things they do is because they love their child unconditionally and are behind them no matter where life takes them. As a starting point, if a mother believes that she would be better off leaving a life behind in a different country and moving to another just to be able to provide for a better life for her child, then the mother is usually right. We see the same determination for the mother in “ Two Kinds” to provide for the narrator develop in the beginning of the story by the narrator explaining that “My mother believed you could be anything you wanted to be in America” (Tan, 590). This idea that the mother had of leaving China…

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