Amy Tan 's `` Two Kinds `` Is Driven By The Idea Of Deep Culture Drives

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Amy Tan’s work in “Two Kinds” is driven by the idea of deep culture drives, because the tension of the story is based on a mother and daughter’s battle against deep culture itself. Culture is an idea that can subliminally influence a person’s ideas, thoughts, and social interactions, and once affected so deeply by culture it is difficult to adapt or go against that culture’s traditions as it can become ingrained so deeply.
Jing- Mei’s mother is a great example of deeply engrained culture. Mrs Woo, being a Chinese woman, has an inherent desire for family honor, success, and outstanding achievement. Jing- Mei’s lack of hard work and advancement is seen as disrespect, not just to herself but to her entire family as well. “I failed her many times, each time asserting my will, my right to fall short of expectations.” The general Asian culture mindset surrounds protecting the family, as a whole and in regards to the family name, and ultimately what you can do to honor them. Bringing honor to your family through your successes and works is put above all else, if you are a good child. Jing- Mei did initially want to honor and please her mother with her effort, as shown in the text, “…in the beginning I was just as excited as my mother, maybe even more so. I pictured this prodigy part of me as many different images, and I tried each one on for size.” Without legitimate encouragement and a self fostered interest, her interest in honoring her family was outweighed by her need for…

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