Essay about Amy Tan 's The Joy Luck Club

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Mothers all over the world dream of raising daughters who know who they are and what they want. Furthermore, mothers want their daughters to feel empowered while remaining true to themselves and their values. Amy Tan’s novel The Joy Luck Club explores four mother/daughter relationships and the struggles they face. The mothers all use the memory of their tribulations while living in China, in an effort to pass on messages of empowerment to their daughters. Through their own narratives, they are able to show their daughters how they were able to survive the hard times while still remaining true to themselves and their cultures. The St. Clair and Jong mothers, both use the terrible circumstances they faced in their marriages in China to reach their daughters. Their narratives are effective because of their emic perspective—a first person viewpoint. Through the emic narratives of Lindo’s and Ying-Ying’s marriages in China, Tan indicates how women within a patriarchal culture can pass on messages of empowerment to their daughters while honoring their cultural traditions.
The family is paramount in Chinese culture. Therefore, as Xu Xiaohe and Martin King Whyte point out in their article published in the Journal of Marriage and the Family titled, “Love Matches and Arranged Marriages: A Chinese Replication”, it has been traditional for most people to marry at an early age; additionally, it has been customary for parents to prearrange the majority of marriages. Women face…

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