Essay on Amy Tan 's Double Face

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In the book, Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan, in the chapter “Double Face” Lindo realizes how impossible it is to be both Chinese and American through a flashback. She hopes that through her story, Waverly will realize what Lindo is just beginning to understand herself.
As the chapter “Double Face” begins, Lindo and her daughter Waverly find themselves in a beauty parlor preparing for Waverly’s second wedding. As they are both looking at each other in the mirror comparing themselves, Lindo slips into a flashback. In her memories, she illustrates how she and her mother are doing exactly what Lindo and Waverly are doing at the present time. As they are comparing themselves, Lindo sees similarities in her mom as she does herself. Her mother says they look the same, but, “[Lindo wants] to look more the same.” (257). Lindo and her mom have certain Chinese superstitions on how your face reveals your character. As Lindo and her mother look in the mirror, her mother points out Lindo’s certain features: how her forehead being wider means she will be more clever, how her eyes reveal she is honest and eager and in the future will be a good mother. These words are what trigger and are what help feed Lindo’s fears of not being able to teach her daughter to embrace Chinese culture. This is one of the instances where Lindo notices “Only her skin and her hair are Chinese. Inside—she is all American-made.”(254). In other words, Lindo wants her daughter to have an equal combination of Chinese and…

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