Amur Tiger Paragraph

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The amur tiger, also known as the Siberian tiger, has the scientific name of Panthera Tigris Altaica and this type of tiger belongs to the Animalia Kingdom and is in the Mammalia class. They can grow up to be between seven feet to twelve feet and weigh between two hundred twenty pounds to over seven hundred pounds. The Amur tiger is also known as the largest tiger species in the world, followed by Bengal Tiger. Their life span is usually between eighteen years to twenty-five years and they tend to have a solitary lifestyle. The amur tigers have the color orange, black, and white in its fur with strips pattern. No two tiger will have the exact same strip patterns and in a way it is similar to fingerprints. They can travel up to a speed …show more content…
The Amur tigers are closely connected to red deer and wild boar and the Korean pine-deciduous forests that these prey need to survive. The Amur tigers mainly hunt larger animals such as deer and wild boars and because of the size and strength of the Amur tiger, there are usually no competition in its natural environment. The Amur tigers live in higher grounds or mountains and it becomes difficult for it to hunt or find food because of the little options that it has. It is difficult to find the preys that it would find usually in the thick forest areas. It spends a lot of time hunting because very few of its hunting journeys is successful, only about 1 in every 10 hunt will the tiger be able to feed. The Amur tigers will usually hunt during the night and if the amur tiger misses its chance to pounce the prey, it may continue to chase it for a long period of time and when it does kill its prey, it will drag the prey to cover, typically near water, which it then eats till it is full and then covers up the remains for later. The Amur tiger, typically the male, lives and travels alone and actively scent-mark large areas and ranges to make its presence and keep any threats away. The Amur tigers use its distinctive fur as disguise and camouflage to its surrounding and sneakily hunt its prey. The tiger will lay low and wait to be able to sneak close enough to attack the prey with a quick jump and a deadly bit or hit to catch it’s pray with one pounce. A hungry tiger can eat up to as much as 60 pounds in one night but will usually eat less and save the rest of the hunt for other meal

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