Personal Narrative: Amityville Of Horror

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I had never watched a film where I was too scared to be alone in my room, too terrified to sleep without the lights on, and too frightened to even go to bed, until, I made the mistake of putting on Amityville of Horror and began to watch the horror film by myself late at night with no one home. Amityville of Horror still gives me nightmares when I think about it lying in bed. I’m not one to get scared easily, especially scared of a film.
When I was around 10 years old or so, my parents did not allow my siblings or myself to watch any horror or scary films based on the rating of the film. So one day when no one was home, I took it upon myself to do what I had been dying to do, watch the specific horror film; Amityville of Horror.
At first
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The family paid a very low amount of money for the home because it had been vacant for nearly two years. Although I watched the film I had already been expecting the worst to happen, I was in shock when the family soon began to experience paranormal activity. Chelsea, the youngest of the children, meets an imaginary friend named Jodi. Jodi gives Chelsea a stuffed animal and influences Chelsea to do actions she normally wouldn’t do. Jodi convinces Chelsea to walk on the roof on the very top of the house, and tries to persuade Chelsea to jump off the very high roof so that she can be with her deceased father and to play and be friends with Jodi forever. At that moment the Lutz family starts to take the situations going on more serious. Things that cannot be explained or debunked by anyone start to ripple. Loud bangs and doors slamming echoed through the night in the hallways causing the family to be awaken from their sleep. The family also noticed smells of animals decaying and random whiffs of perfume coming and going. Once a proud crucifix hanging on the wall was turned over signifying Satan and evil. Unexplained green oozing slime coved key holes. No longer sitting back and feeling as if they were losing their minds by seeing objects being thrown across the room when no one is there, the …show more content…
This room was 4 by 5ft, small, and compacted. With red painted walls that hadn’t been cleaned or touched up in a long while. The room was freezing, cold air absorbing into the skin as soon as one would approach the door. Defeo dabbling in the occult, often would sleep in the basement. In 1974, the voices got to Defeo causing him to obey orders and murdering his whole family with a shotgun as they peacefully slept in their bedrooms. Defeo was a monster in a nightmare.
Watching the film realizing it is in fact based on a true story with true events that had taken place, chills begin to take over one’s body, the hairs on the back of the neck stick up, with an odd overpowering feeling that someone may very well be watching, or could have been there watching the entire time. One may feel themselves getting anxious and overwhelmed over the

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