Americans With Disabilities Act ( Ada ) Essay

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Americans with Disabilities Act
The Americans with Disability Act (ADA) started based on a need, it was not started by one individual or a small group of people with disabilities but thousands who supported the movement for disability rights. President George H.W. Bush said this as he signed the ADA into law on July 26, 1990, “Many of our fellow citizens with disabilities are unemployed. … They want to work, and they can work.” Although the ADA was signed into law the road to equal employment for individuals with disabilities still has had many different impacts on governments and employers.
When the ADA was first signed into law, a few local and state governments felt that Congress may have exceeded their authority. The ADA did not give these local and state governments a choice when it came to accommodating individuals with disabilities; instead it directed them to provide facility access, services, programs, and employment. Many states felt that “discrimination against persons with disabilities is not so pervasive and that they do not make up a constitutionally protected class” (Maes). The ADA may have created some tension between local governments and Congress but they were not alone. Many business owners also felt negative toward the ADA.
After the ADA was put into place, those with disabilities were finally allowed access to both the public and private sector. Although this opened up new opportunities for those with disabilities, it put a negative taste in the…

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