Americanization Of The World That Can Occur As A Result Of Social Globalization

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The first source is explaining the Americanization of the world that can occur as a result of social globalization. The source presents Americanization and globalization almost being one in the same when people refer to the standardization of the world’s culture to be American culture. The concern is that American culture may have an impact too drastic in other cultures, consequently assimilating various cultural groups in the world. This source’s opinion is that American culture has taken over the smaller, local cultures of the world. Due to this, traditions and customs developed from ethnic groups around the world have been “dumbed down” or “driven out” to make way for the rapidly emerging American way of life. An example of this source would be the appearance of American fast food chains in Asian countries. The McDonald’s franchise have over 3000 stores in China alone, retailing their signature American brand. In April 1992, the Los Angeles Times displayed the headline, “A Cultural Revolution in Beijing, via Golden Arches”. The article exhibited the world’s largest McDonald’s restaurant debuted in Beijing, claiming it to be a “cultural revolution”. The prices at these restaurants are high for the residents of Beijing, yet they have had ongoing success in China, and plans to continue to expand its horizons to new countries. Citizens of China are diverting their interests from their traditional foods to try something new with an American atmosphere, which may cause…

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