Essay on American Warfare During The Civil War

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On April 12, 1861 the Civil War broke out due to the unyielding distinctions regarding free and slave states regarding the power of the national government forbidding slavery in the unpopulated areas. Over the course of the war as the Union infiltrated Confederacy territory many Union officials recognized an intellectual advantage by utilizing the African American population. Herbert Aptheker, who was an American Marxist historian and political enthusiast declared, "The greatest source of military and naval intelligence, particularly on the tactical level, for the Federal government during the war was the Negro." The Union’s tactical utilization of African American espionage during the Civil War enhances military advantages by employing black dispatches, how these dispatches were rarely recorded resulting in the lack of resources by African Americans, and the pivotal role of females in the Civil War. The Union utilized African American slaves and smugglers for tactical intelligence in the American Civil War, these intellectual assets were known as black dispatches. The Union took advantage of many Confederate officials who spoke of their military plans and procedures in the presence of enslaved African Americans, who regarded the slaves as uneducated Negroes. A unique use of African American dispatches was accomplished in “Clothesline Telegraph a Legend or Spy Tool?” by a husband and a wife located on the Rappahannock River where the Union Army was camping. Dabney, the…

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