American Revolution : The Inevitable Conflict Essay

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American Revolution: The Inevitable Conflict
As the colonist started traveling towards the Americas, the king was sitting in the Britain thinking about the profit that would come out of these territories would help to become a more dominate nation. The king did not understand the separation and disapproval that the new colonist would feel being across the global. Once they realized how much better life could be without Britain overwhelming control, they wanted it more and more. This drive to be freed from the king is the very beginning to the drive to be the independent nation that the United States is now known as. The American Revolution was an unavoidable conflict for the America, something had to happen after the Acts that Britain tried to enforce in response to colonist inching towards independence.
The weakening loyalty that the Colonist felt towards the Mother country started with the creation of the philosophy of mercantilism and Navigation Acts. Mercantilism was a philosophy used by the colonies mainly England to establish colonies only to benefit both the wealth of colonies and England mother land. It was the belief that the more colonies that a country had established in the new land would directly relate to the wealth of the mother land. The colonies would send raw materials to the mother country. The Navigation Act enforced that the Colonist could only use ships to send products back to Britain. Along with mercantilism with the Navigation Act was only the…

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