American Horror Story : Freak Show Essay

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Analysis of American Horror Story: Freak Show

In class we have learned about many different aspects of disability. In American Horror Story: Freak Show (Freak Show), there were many themes shown throughout that touched on material we have talked about in class. Freak Show illustrates the medical and sociopolitical models of disability, uses terms that are deemed inappropriate or unacceptable by the disability community, and represents people with disabilities in the media. I have read several articles claiming the show to be a disgrace to those with disabilities, but each author of various articles claimed to have not watched even a full episode. As an avid viewer of American Horror Story, I will be analyzing Freak Show and illustrating why I feel that it should not be deemed a disgrace to the disability community.

American Horror Story, by Ryan Murph, has touched on several sensitive subjects: season one, Murder House, touched on abortion, rape, and suicide; season 2, Asylum, focused on an insane asylum, forced sterilization, and abortion; season 3, Coven, dealt with religion and racism; season 5, Hotel, refers to insanity; and season 6, Roanoke, plays off of insanity and racism (American Horror Story). Freak Show, season 4 of American Horror Story, has been deemed the most controversial season because it focuses mainly on people with disabilities being seen as freaks. Though every season has played its part in equally controversial themes, I…

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