Essay on American History And The Civil War

1112 Words Jul 24th, 2015 5 Pages
Dakota Kingery
American History
Dr. Weingartner
July 24, 2015

Throughout American history we have endured many changes just from the 1400s to the civil war. The different time periods and experiences of people throughout this time really shape how many challenges we’ve faced and what we have had overcome to get where we are today. American history went through four main challenges; social, economic, political, and cultural. It’s within these four things we realize how we have grown as a nation and conquered a lot throughout history. During colonial america, Native Americans suffered the most from the colonists coming through and trying to take their lands and forced them into certain religions. One of the major issues during this time was the way they were governed. They were under English control which meant if your were of the upper class then you could have a say but the lower class barely had any thought and were slowly starting to realize the English control was unnecessary. The colonist slowly started questioning English control and rebelling against the local authorities. The colonist slowly started to break away from this political way of thinking and start to form their own in a different area. In the colonial period their economy mostly consisted of trading and trapping furs to trade with other territories in order to get some money. During this time the relied mostly on the local farmers to ensure they had stuff to trade. The colonial America consisted of…

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