American History And Reconstruction During The Civil War Essay

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America has undergone many political changes and many leaders with different agendas have come and gone. Many political movements have left its mark on American history, Reconstruction was one such movement. It was a time period in American history after the civil war where the whole country was at unrest. Years of constant tensions between northern abolitionist and the southern pro slavery plantation owners pushed United States to the Civil war, the greatest tragedy in the history of our country. North had defeated the South and destroyed it socially, economically and politically. Four million slaves had been granted freedom but they did not know how to earn a living and were wandering aimlessly. The need of the hour was to rebuild the nation which was a daunting task. Reconstruction plans were made by President Lincoln, and carried on by President Johnson when he presided over the office to end the unrest and secure the future of the South and revitalize it. The congressional plan that ensued negated all the efforts of the previous two presidents and augmented the ordeal the southerners had to face. The inherent racism in the North was responsible for the failure of reconstruction through lack of control, deep corruption in the government and indifference towards the south due to which African Americans did not get full equality.

Even though the African Americans had gained some equality after fighting the civil war it was not what they anticipated. They were not accepted…

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