Does American Express Stand In E-Commerce

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Not so long ago doing everyday activities, such as banking, shopping, going to school, working, attending an auction, choosing colors of paint, buying furniture, and just about anything one can think of that used to be done by going places to do things can now be done on a computer in the comfort of one’s home. So what keeps more people from embracing e-commerce? Fear. Naturally, many have fear that their personal data is not secure and their identities will be hacked. They are afraid their privacy will be breached and unsolicited malfeasors will bury them in spam. Perhaps they have tried to do business online, but have found the website difficult to navigate. They may have questions about products, but no way to get answers. There are, …show more content…
How does American Express stand in the e-commerce world? American Express considers itself one of the world’s most trusted brands by providing world-class service and personal recognition that its clients know to expect of it. This company has its own investment symbol, “AXP,” under the New York Stock Exchange. American Express claims to be the world’s largest card user by purchase volume, processing multitudes of transactions daily. AMEX provides small businesses with buying strength, flexibility and financial control. It is recognized as a trusted and innovative company in the industry, and has shown itself to be dedicated to serving its customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, according to its “What We Do” statement at whoweare/.
How does American Express address privacy? American Express adheres to the privacy principals established for the assurance of their customers set out at the Bureau of Consumer Protection – Business Center at, which state:
The Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act requires financial institutions – companies that offer consumers financial products or services like loans, financial or investment advice, or insurance – to explain
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It is easy to navigate while logged in or not. A potential customer is easily able to surf through the website and apply for business credit. AMEX provides e-commerce tools to its customers, whether individuals or businesses of all sizes, for use in managing online accounts. One of the features of the AMEX user interface is a main Menu that provides categories for My Accounts, Cards, Travel Rewards, and Business. It also shows submenus for Statement & Activity, Payment, Profile, and Benefits. Furthermore, it has a world feature such as Change Country. It also provides access to an area to manage one’s reward points for hotel free nights. The interface also provides access for the consumer to find information on AMEX’s Terms of Service, Privacy Center, AdChoices, Card Agreements, Security Center, Financial Education, Service Member Benefits, Gift Cards, Savings Account & CDs, and much more. Customer support is available by accessing the Contact area, which sets out AMEX’s contact information. AMEX is a worldwide business brand that can assure any new online consumer that his or her concerns regarding security and privacy are met by AMEX’s dedication to providing customers the best service while following the FTC guidelines set out for e-commerce. The AMX website is located at

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