American Dream Is Still Only A Dream Essay

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The American Dream is Still Only a Dream
I am part Polish and part Italian and like most people, my ancestors were immigrants. Along with many, my past is important to me. In fact, my grandmother still makes the Polish dish, houska. However, my family has been in America for many generations. The U.S. is a mixed country with people who have all different kinds of backgrounds. Without immigration, many people, including myself, wouldn 't be where we are today. With over 41.3 million migrants in the U.S., colonization has shaped America by creating new jobs and contributing to diversity (Zong, Batalova). People are coming from countries such as Syria to escape things like ISIS, war, poverty, or to even rejoin family members. Take a struggling
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With more immigrants, the nation is becoming more diverse. Migrants are more than willing to modify their lifestyle to accommodate U.S. culture, and they want to be a part of the United States in order to have a better life. They will become a part of American society. Frequently, newcomers stay in neighborhoods that are economically depressed, which helps stabilize those neighborhoods (Illegal). They are also abiding to laws since they are trying to escape their home country; they don’t want to be deported and in most cases are just looking for a second chance. All of this diversifies and improves social culture in the …show more content…
With the ever growing immigration rate, resettlement is a part of American society. Even though there are small short term complications, by increasing economic growth and improving social cultures, immigration is helping the nation. It is now America’s job to help people like Divya and his family be able to provide for themselves, receive a better education, and achieve their dreams. We claim we are the land of the free so let’s stand by our statement and offer a better life. By working together, we can create the American Dream that has been a goal for many

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