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Lesson 1 Study Guide
1.1 Dancing: Chapter 1: The Power of Dance:
This chapter takes a broad look at the relationship between human movement, framed as dance, and important identities such as religion, ethnicity, gender, and social status. While not specifically focused on issues of identity in America, this chapter will provide an important foundation in understanding the broader scope of how dance can be seen as a representation of cultural values, which will underlie the remainder of our coursework.
1.1.1 Before starting this chapter it might be useful for you to write out your definition of dance. Let’s pretend for a moment that aliens landed on earth looking for intelligent life. Obviously they ended up at your apartment and
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The lightness of steps and bounds, defying gravity, grace, effortlessness, and prevailing over nature as opposed to accomodating its forces. 
1.1.12 Europeans danced to be free from power of nature, while Native Americans danced to access the power of the natural world. “Dance was good for the body and good for the spirit and essential to integrating the two. The natural world pulsed with power; since…. ”
1.1.13 How did the Ghost Dances begin, what did its practitioners believe dancing the dance would accomplish, and how did the American government react?
They began in response to pressure from caucasian settlers. The dance would provoke a great earthquake, swallowing up nonbelieveers, and restoring the natural balance of the Indians.
Is your definition of dance beginning to change? Which example has contrasted most with your definition of dance? The power of dance as a tool for social progression.
1.1.14 Theophile Gautier wrote, “The dance is nothing more than…the art of displaying beautiful shapes in graceful positions and the development from them of lines agreeable to the eye.”
1.1.15 Roger Copeland defined it as, “Any movement…designated to be looked at”
1.1.16 Joann Keali’inohomoki defines dance as, “a transient mode

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