American Culture During The 1920 ' S Essay examples

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Through the rise of modernism in American culture during the 1920’s, America’s societal and economical standards were changed. Those changes came in the form of a rise in mass consumption, fewer societal restrictions, and new opportunities created through the rise of Industrialization. In the middle of this changing culture stood Henry Ford and his automobile company. Ford helped push American culture toward a heightened emphasis on mechanization, while also revolutionizing mass production through the creation of the assembly line. Yet, both Ford and modern American culture displayed contradictions in how they affected the American people. While supplying many benefits that brought great progress to American society, they also created disadvantages. These contradictions would come to define both Ford and the culture he helped create. Through the installation of the assembly line as well as a bureaucratic management system to support mass production, Fordism dehumanized just as much as it liberated, and represented the contradictions found in the changes brought on by modern American culture in the 1920’s.
Modernity in American culture during the 1920’s pushed towards Industrialization and a more financially liberated population, but also caused problems for many citizens. Industrialization in the 1920’s created an influx of new businesses built on the use and creation of machines, pulling the American economy into a new age of mass mechanical production. At the same time…

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