American Cultural Identity : The United States Essay

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Will the United States ever have the ability to create a true American cultural identity where any and all groups of people would perfectly fit in? American culture identity has been a problem in the United States for many centuries. People’s cultural identity has been a problem since the United States of America were established. Like the founding fathers who fought in the Revolutionary War, many others have fought long and deadly battles for the right to preserve their cultural identity. A person’s cultural identity allows them to feel a sense of belonging, acceptance, and the ability to identify themselves with each other. Many problems will continue to arise in a country that was and continues to be established by many different groups of immigrants. Although it may be important to have a sense of belonging, people should not feel pressured or threatened to change their cultural identity in a country they will call home. {Thesis}
American cultural identity is an important matter in the United States, many scholars have written countless number of articles to argue why immigrants should assimilate to the American cultural identity. Samuel Huntington believe immigrants are the reason the American cultural identity is being threaten and slowly diminishing in this Country. In “The Hispanic Challenge” Huntington agues, “Mexican Americans no longer think of themselves as members of a small minority who must accommodate the dominant group and adopt its culture” (9). However,…

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