Essay about American Beauty

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Film analysis - American Beauty Presentation of the film In the start of the movie we get a presentation, when Lester tells about life in the suburbs, while the camera passes over all the villas. In the episode where Ricky is filming Jane, we see what it’s going to end up with. We see deepening of Ricky and Jane's relationship and their love to each other and at the same time in what Lester life evolves and by becoming more conscious of himself, and does what he wants. The Point of no return, we find when Carolyn gets a compared to Buddy, and thereby must realize that it is not as it once was. Another example of the point of no return is when Lester quit his job, and gets a job on a junk food restaurant. It's a big step to take, as …show more content…
Conclusion We can conclude that American Beauty is a film, which engages beauty in all its forms. In the film there are examples of the false beauty that Carolyn grows and the sincere beauty, which Ricky grow. As the audience was immediately distance to Carolyn way to see the beauty, and you hold immediately with Ricky's way of interpreting beauty on. As the audience we are getting busy thinking about what values in life you value most, and trying to determine where to find the key values. The film has many different messages and interpretations, but the point must be that we must live our lives as tomorrow is the last day, we are alive. Characterization of the main character Lester: Lester feels almost oppressed by his wife Carolyn, which in many ways decide how life in the house should be and act as the dominant in the house. Lester decides to redirect his life, and going in a teenage rebellion against Carolyn and the hideous life, he lived for several years. He behaves childish and disrespectful, but even so, it's him, we have pity with though he actually behaves unacceptably. Carolyn: Carolyn is a perfectionist. She develops a relationship with Buddy Kane, who next to Lester is perfect in her eyes, but really he's just a superficial, rich snob who does not have some human values. But he has, a lot of money and high status, and that is what counts most for Carolyn. Jane: Jane is a rather typical teenager

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